Crystal Losambe, RN-BC, MS, NP-C

Crystal Losambe has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Mercer University and a Master’s of Science with a nurse practitioner certification from The Ohio State University. She is pursuing a Doctoral degree in Nursing Practice with a certification in Healthcare Leadership at Ohio University. In addition to working as a nurse practitioner, Mrs. Losambe is a co-founder of a real estate investment company and has ventured into other avenues of business and consulting. Mrs. Losambe has been involved in curriculum development, career coaching and various business/management roles including creating websites and social media pages for non-profit organizations, assisting in start-up initiatives, creating systems and managing projects.


Dr. Pascal Losambe

Dr. Pascal Losambe is the Co-Founder, Chief Content Officer and primary consultant for Synergy Consulting Company. Dr. Losambe has a Bachelor's in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from Middlebury College and a Master's of Science in Biology with a focus on Neurobiology from Boston College where he received the Donald J. White award for teaching excellence, a distinguished honor given annually to graduate instructors. Dr. Losambe has earned his Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at Purdue University with a focus on cultural competence. He is the keynote presenter and curriculum developer for the United Front Initiative, a city and regional program with the goal of bringing unity and reconciliation to the region. Additionally, Dr. Losambe consults and presents to companies and other organizations on various topics related to diversity, equity and inclusion, educational leadership, and organizational culture. He has led strategic vision initiatives for various institutions and has conducted multiple workshops on cultural competence at national and international conferences. Dr. Losambe’s achievements include the Mosaic Award in 2018 and being invited onto the Purdue University Educational Leadership and Policy Studies Advisory Board, the Purdue University Fort Wayne College of Arts and Sciences Advisory Board, the Young Scholars Academy Board, and the Heart of Character Leadership Committee. He previously served on the Independent School Association of the Central States Equity and Justice Committee Board.


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